What are the Benefits of Adding Underfloor Heating in Your Modern Home?

30 June 2022

Usually, homeowners would turn to radiators and other similar heating systems to effectively make their spaces warm during cold months. The only problem with these systems is they cannot provide consistent warm temperatures to the property. As a result, homeowners only end up acquiring high energy bills

One great replacement for radiators and other heating systems is underfloor heating. As its name implies, underfloor heating is a heating system installed and situated underneath the floor. Underfloor heating can warm property by combining radiant heat and convection. The mixture of these elements helps the underfloor heating provide a constant warm temperature throughout the property.

If you are thinking of opting for or switching to underfloor heating, here are some of the benefits you can expect once it is installed in your modern home.

Minimal Energy Use

One of the benefits of adding underfloor heating in your modern home is it can minimise your energy consumption. Radiators should be heated to a high temperature of at least 65 degrees Celsius before they can make a room warm. As their temperature goes up, their energy consumption also increases significantly. Underfloor heating, alternatively, can warm your property already at around 29 degrees Celsius, cutting its total energy use by a huge percentage.

Wide Compatibility

Another benefit of adding underfloor heating in your modern home is it can work with almost all types of floor coverings. The floor coverings on your property may be different from others. But due to the versatility of underfloor heating, it can surely provide your home with a heating system without replacing your floor coverings entirely. Even if your flooring is made from wood, tile, stone, laminate, carpet, and others, you can expect underfloor heating to be installed without any issues.

Minimalist Appearance

Underfloor heating, as mentioned earlier, can be installed anywhere on the floor. Since the whole system will be placed underneath your floor area, you do not have to utilise clunky radiators anymore. Many property owners find radiators bothersome as they take up tons of space in rooms and spaces. But since underfloor heating is hidden underneath the floor area, you can easily organise and plan your spaces without any interruptions and hindrances from heating equipment pieces.

Enhanced Safety

One issue with radiators and other similar heating systems is they can harm people who may get caught on their sharp edges or hot surfaces. And if you currently have some children in your home, leaving these devices on can be dangerous for them. The installation of underfloor heating, on the other hand, deters anyone from getting injured since they are installed underneath the floor. Underfloor heating can also keep the air fresh, maintain ample oxygen levels, and prevent any discomfort.

Low Maintenance

The installation of underfloor heating underneath your floor area protects it from elements that can usually damage radiators and other heating systems. As long as its components are installed correctly, they do not have to be maintained regularly.

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