General Electrical Services: Install LED Downlights for Your Sydney Home

21 November 2022

With the fluctuating global energy cost, homeowners must now find ways to regulate their energy consumption and reduce utility bills.

One great way to achieve these things is to maximise LED lighting. LED lamps and light bulbs are often recommended when it comes to lighting one’s home since they can emit less power than conventional lighting products like incandescent lamps. With savings of up to 90%, it would be difficult for homeowners to be not encouraged to opt for LED lighting.

If you are currently modifying your home, you may want to include LED downlights as part of your updated lighting system as they can provide great enhancements to your property.

A Quick Overview of Downlights

Downlights are light fixtures placed above the ceiling. Their primary purpose is to shine down into a space for general illumination. Most downlights are installed flat against the ceiling. But others utilise those with gimbals so they can be installed below it, allowing occupants to aim their lighting to specific places.

These light fixtures can be easily installed during the construction of a new home. However, they can also be used to replace existing lighting fixtures with the help of professionals.

LED Downlights Key Highlights

One defining feature of LED downlights is they can be modified in a lot of ways. With their wide array of options for lenses, reflectors, and trims, you can easily change the direction they are facing. Their level of brightness, lighting style, and colour can also be altered through various modifications. Eyeballs and gimbals, for example, are two lighting styles that you may want to maximise if you want your lighting to be aimed in specific directions.

Another advantage of using LED downlights on your Sydney home is their energy efficiency. Since LED lighting is known for its low power consumption, you can expect your downlights to also draw less power than other types of lighting. The lower energy consumption of LED downlights can then help you save some money.

LED downlights are also durable and long-lasting. Unlike conventional lights that can already break down after a couple of months, LED has a lengthy lifespan that allows downlights to last for numerous years. Their longevity minimises the need of buying and installing them regularly.

Best Places to Install Downlights

If you will be installing LED downlights in your home, you may want to place them in your kitchen area. You can also install them in bathrooms to effectively illuminate these places and highlight some of their elements. Downlights can also be placed on these areas to effectively create zones, making them somehow more stylish. When installed appropriately, downlights can serve as either in-fill lighting or task lighting for your property.

Hallways can also be installed with LED downlights to ensure that they can be safe and well-lit. Even the outdoor area of your property can be filled with these lights by placing them in eaves or overhangs. If you need help with their installation, you can contact us at Thrive Electrical.

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