Switchboard Replacement and Upgrade Services: 6 Warning Signs Your Switchboard Requires Urgent Replacement

08 August 2022

The electrical distribution system of your property certainly maximises components that can regulate the distribution of power throughout your rooms and spaces. It also utilises components that can protect your property from electrical-related fires.

One component that can make your property safe from potential fire and other electrical-related issues is the switchboard. A switchboard is designed to split the electrical power feed of the system into branch circuits. It can then hold a circuit breaker or fuse for each circuit, making your property safe throughout your operations.

The composition of a switchboard allows it to cut off the power if it has detected an overused power line. It also shuts down the power feed once an appliance or device becomes faulty. However, if your switchboard manifests the following signs, it must be replaced right away.

1. Blinking or Flickering Lights

One sign your switchboard must be replaced right away is the existence of flickering lights. Lights that flicker or blink often may be caused by loose bulbs or wires. However, they can also be caused by an overloaded switchboard. If your bulbs or wires are still intact, you may contact your electrician to check the situation of your switchboard before replacing or upgrading it. You may also hire one that can provide general electrical services to make everything safe.

2. Overcrowded Switchboard

Speaking of an overloaded switchboard, a switchboard that is overloaded or overcrowded must be replaced and upgraded immediately. This component of your electrical distribution system is meant to house circuits and their protection devices. If you cannot install additional circuits anymore, you may have to replace the switchboard to make it safer and more useful.

3. Frequent Tripping of Circuits

Circuits can always provide the needed power for appliances and tools. However, if they frequently trip or short out, it means that they cannot handle these things anymore. This issue arises if your switchboard has not been updated. Keeping the switchboard up-to-date allows it to supply the needed power for your more powerful devices and appliances.

4. Burning Odour or Smell

A burning odour or smell on your property is another tell-tale sign that your switchboard has some issues. A switchboard that releases this smell may be caused by overloaded circuits. Faulty wirings may likewise lead to the existence of this odour. Without resolving this issue immediately, your property may be at risk of fire.

5. Existence of Sparks

Sparks that come out of your switchboard often mean that its internals has become faulty. And since it handles the security and protection of your electrical system, neglecting this problem will only make your property vulnerable to fire. It may even lead to electrocution. Therefore, you must hire an electrician who can fix this problem safely and properly. An electrician who provides general electrical services can even spot any other issues your power system has.

6. Fuse Constantly Blowing

For decades, property owners have been using fuses against short circuits and other electrical problems. However, this device, particularly the ceramic one, is already old. And with modern appliances, this device cannot handle their needed load. Upgrading your switchboard and protection devices can prevent your property from fire dangers.

To have your switchboard serviced, you can contact us at Thrive Electrical. Our electricians can conveniently replace and upgrade your switchboard and provide general electrical services to your property.

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