How to Maintain Electrical Safety in the Hospitality Industry

11 October 2022

The hospitality industry covers establishments that require consistency all the time. Establishments like hotels, restaurants, and others can perform optimally if they constantly maximise equipment, tools, fixtures, and others to support their primary functions.

Their kitchen areas, for instance, rely on cooking equipment and refrigeration units to keep their food preparation and storage processes intact. Hospitality businesses must likewise utilise lighting, security, and fire protection systems to keep customers and employees safe. The only way to achieve these things is to maintain electrical safety throughout their operations.

Electrical safety is crucial in the hospitality industry as businesses that are part of it tend to run all the time. Without maintaining the safety of electrical systems, both customers and employees may be at risk of serious or even deadly injuries. If you are part of the hospitality industry, here are some ways to maintain the safety of your electrical system.

Conduct Regular Testing and Inspection

Regular testing and inspection of your electrical system installation are two of the most effective ways of keeping your business safe. Any portable appliances your establishment possess and utilise regularly must be tested yearly. Additionally, the electrical wires and other electrical system components in your building should also be tested for any deficiencies or hazards so they can be resolved right away. Some of these components include hardwiring, fuses, circuit breakers, residual current devices, switchboards, and socket outlets.

Maximise Residual Current Devices

Most appliances and equipment in your establishment can only run optimally if they are connected to compatible socket outlets. Now, to keep the socket circuits operational and safe, they must be protected by residual current devices. Residual current devices can be found in your electrical distribution board. They help cut off the power supply once they detect a fault, preventing anyone from electric shock. These devices must be inspected regularly by pressing the test button. If the switch does not trip, they must be serviced by an electrician.

Keep Records and Circuit Charts Updated

All the services carried out by a reputable electrician are expected to be recorded in various documents like circuit charts. This process enables future electricians to have a good look at the previous works on your electrical system. It can also equip them with all the necessary information about your system components, making it easier for them to conduct repairs and maintenance without anticipating any error. Keeping your records and circuit charts updated ensures that your property can be safe once other electricians carry out their services.

Plan Any Electrical Servicing in Advance

The electrical safety of your establishment can be maintained if you can plan any potential electrical servicing in advance. As a business owner, any unexpected downtime on some parts of your establishment can already lose you tons of revenue. Hence, you must plan for any electrical servicing like testing and repairs a few weeks or even months ahead to keep everything intact. Doing this ensures you can still operate during servicing without risking income loss and output deficiency.

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