5 Signs Your Home Needs General Electrical Rewiring from a Professional

14 July 2022

Your home features appliances and systems that can make it comfortable, functional, and safe.

Air conditioning units, for instance, can make your rooms cold. Refrigerators and freezers, on the other hand, can store your favourite foods and drinks. Other appliances and devices that your home may possess are a washing machine, dishwasher, and television. As for the systems, your home can only be liveable if it features a quality security system. It should also have a lighting system, enabling you and others to see the surroundings clearly, especially at night.

But before these things can work, they should be connected to the outlets. These outlets are often connected through electrical wires, which are responsible for getting power from a source. While electrical wires can often last for a long time, their surrounding insulation may gradually deteriorate. If your home manifests the following signs, you may want to hire a professional to conduct general electrical rewiring.

1. Outdated Wires

One notable sign your home needs immediate rewiring is the existence of outdated wires. Electrical wires, as mentioned earlier, can last for decades. However, if your home has already existed for more than 50 years, you may have to update your wiring immediately. Modern appliances and devices may be energy-efficient. However, the power they need may not be accommodated by the old wires already. Upgrading your wires can help them work with your current appliances and others without any problems.

2. Burning Odour

Another sign your home requires urgent rewiring from a professional is the presence of a burning odour. A persistent burning odour in your home may most likely come from your electrical system, particularly your electrical wirings. The presence of this smell in your home may mean that your wires are not linked properly, generating sparks that can scorch wires, outlets, and even walls. Opting for professional help can prevent these sparks from burning your home completely.

3. Blinking Lights

Aside from the burning odour, your electrical wires have obtained some issues once your lights keep on blinking and flickering. If you have already twisted your light bulbs properly, your electrical system may have to be checked and assessed by a professional. Blinking or flickering lights are normally caused by loose wiring connections, which may only mean that your electrical system has some more problems.

4. Discoloured Outlets

Outlets and switches can only operate optimally if they are connected to electrical wires. Once these components have obtained some brown or black burn marks, it only means that their electrical wires are already shorting and generating sparks. If these occurrences continue, the sparks may be finally visible, which can damage the connected devices or even electrocute those who will be using the switches.

5. Tripping Circuit Breaker

One more sign that tells you to acquire general electrical rewiring is the frequent tripping of your circuit breaker. The circuit breaker of your home is designed to cut off the current flow of your electrical components once it detects a fault. Usually, this component only carries out its function due to overloads, short circuits, and ground fault surges. But if you feel that your circuit breaker trips almost all the time, you may have to hire a professional to have it checked and acquire rewiring services.

If you require general electrical rewiring from a professional, you can contact us at Thrive Electrical.

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