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How Your Local Electrician Can Save You Cash

Still trying to recover from your latest power bill? 

For most people, the quarterly power bill is always a little bit higher than expected, especially during those winter or summer months when the temperatures tend to get a bit extreme. Using a licensed and highly qualified electrician is one of the main ways to ensure your home is energy efficient, but not the only one. Here are 6 ways an electrician can optimize energy usage in your home to ensure you’re never hit with a whopping power bill ever again.

  • Install Cost Efficient Lighting 

One way to save money on your energy bills is through cost-efficient lighting. Switching from incandescent lighting to LED can make a big difference to your power bills. LED lights are more energy-efficient and have longer lifespan than traditional globes, meaning you’ll save money of replacement globes too!

  • Install Dimming Switches on Your Lights 

Another way to save on lighting is to hire an electrician to install light-dimming switches. Not only will this give your environment the aesthetic benefits of setting the lighting to your mood or event, but it also helps save money on electricity by allowing you to use only as much lighting as necessary. 

  • Home Surge Protection 

Prevention is always better than reacting! Surge protectors are a relatively cheap way to protect your home from power spikes. Surge protectors are great for every home and if you live in areas that are vulnerable to severe storms, they could be live savers. Instead of having a surge ruin your appliances and home entertainment system, make the sensible and much more affordable choice to install surge protectors. 

  • Have Your Electrician Install Ceiling Fans 

The summer heat or winter chill in Australia can be brutal – and so can the power bill at that time! During summer, ceiling fans are a great alternative to air-conditioning, and even though they don’t cool air down directly, they do create a circulating breeze within the home. They can also be used during winter, by redirecting hot air that has risen from the heater or fire, back down the walls and around the room. 

Over the last 10 years solar energy has evolved into a more mainstream and viable approach to the generation of electricity. This is due in part to shifts in attitude towards ecological sustainability as well as government incentives offering rebates on solar panel installation. Do you want to know more about the savings you could generate with solar energy installed in your home?

  • Ask for Advice on Energy Efficient Appliances 

With new technology constantly coming to market, there is no reason why you can’t go out and find yourself some relatively inexpensive appliances that are also efficient when it comes to energy consumption. Never be afraid to ask your retailer about what is best for you and if in doubt, just pick up the phone and ask the friendly professionals at Thrive Electrical.

Talk to the Experts on Power Efficiency in the Home 

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