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How Important Is Lighting in the Home?

Lighting is one of the key elements in helping to transform your house into a home. The proper use of lighting enables you to perform tasks easily, makes you feel more comfortable, and allows you to enjoy your home at its full potential. Each room, however, has specific and unique general and accent lighting needs. Here are some tips and ideas to consider when planning the lighting for each room in your home.

6 Rooms, 6 Different Ways to Light Them

It is important to remember that functionality and style are the most important components when choosing room specific lighting. The correct lighting in a room can make your rooms look bigger and enhance the atmosphere in every part of your home. Here are a few examples of various rooms around the house as well as some compatible lighting schemes.

1. Entrance or Front Hallway
As the foyer conveys the first impression of a home’s interior, brightness is key. Centre a traditional chandelier, contemporary pendant, or transitional close-to-ceiling fixture in your hallway to provide basic illumination and create a welcoming atmosphere.

2. Living Room or Rumpus
Use lighting to bring out the character of your living spaces. Enhance your room’s ambiance, dramatise wall textures, accent artwork, or just provide general illumination for your den, living room, family room, or playrooms. A variety of different types of lighting fixtures will work for both your general lighting and accent lighting needs.

3. Dining Room
Create a focal point with lighting. Your dining table is in place, chairs are pushed in, and the table is set. The only thing remaining is the centrepiece light fixture. As a focal point, lighting used needs to express your own personal style, while still being practical. Whether your style is casual and laid back, or is generally more formal, choose a fixture that reflects the mood you want to convey

4. Kitchen
As the busiest part of the home, the kitchen needs adequate lighting to ensure that you can perform all your culinary duties, help the kids with their homework, and read the morning paper! Install overhead lights to ensure that benches don’t have shadows and use track lighting to add atmosphere to the room.

5. Bathroom
Bathroom lighting is probably the last place people want to invest time and money. Mirrors go unlit, and we often see one ceiling fixture being used to light up the sink, mirror, and shower. Why not transform your bathroom into a place of Zen and relaxation? Since you tend to begin and end your day in the bathroom, why not spend a little extra time considering which fixtures and lights would work best

6. Bedrooms
Two main considerations when choosing the lighting for your bedroom are; is there adequate reading and closet lighting. For bedside reading, we suggest wall mounted fixtures with adjustable arms, so that light can be directed onto your reading material while sensory overhead lights in the closet are a great way to ensure suitable lighting whilst also conserving power when the doors aren’t open.

For a quote or more information on how to choose the right lighting for different rooms in the home, call the experts at THRIVE Electrical on 1300 186 864. Their knowledge of style, lighting practicality and the latest energy saving methods means they can transform your house into a home at the flick of a switch!